Websites To Help You Select The Very Best Drum Sticks

For all of the best drum sticks on the planet, please check out the following websites as well as drumsticks Vater have a great line in drum related Tee Shirts and much more. This amazing site features cymbals and drumsticks. It's where the drum sticks meet the cymbals.

I will be adding lot's of new stuff onto the site on a daily basis, thanks for having a look.

Keith Moon

In 1964 Keith Moon joined The Who. Like everything in his short life, Keith's arrival in The Who was explosive to say the least. It was April 1964 and growing frustrated at drumming along to Cliff Richard tracks in a covers band, the 17 year old set out to hijack a local Mod band that was having trouble hanging on to its drummers. They were playing at a pub near me Keith said it was called the Oldfield.

The Iron Cobra Bass Drum Pedals 200 600 and 900 Models

I am delighted to let you all know that you can buy one of these superb bass pedals for as little as £56 this is the 200 model. Its great value if your looking at buying a pedal that will do exactly what you want in your playing situation. The Cobra bass pedal is made by Tama and foe more information on these superb pedals please visit their website at

Barker Is Legacy

Travis Barker the fantastic American drummer is part of a proud tradition of Zildjian drummers who have shaped the classic A sound for generations. We have redesigned the curvature and weights of our current line to dial into the essence of the classic A sound.