Congratulations Steve

Many Congratulations to my friend Steve White. Whitey to his friends. Steve has recently been made head of education at Premier drum company. you are all probably aware that Steve played drums for the Style Council back in the 80's then carried on playing for Paul Weller for 24 years. I couldn't think of a better person to be given the head of drums title to. Steve has been playing for many years now and he told me once that he used to practice for 6 hours a day regularly.

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Latest Websites To Check Out

Just a message to say Thank You to you all for making this website so popular. We are now heading towards 31,000 Hits so once again Many thanks to you all for very kindly logging on and having a look. I have selected some really cool drumming websites for you all to check out. Here they are!!

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Zildjian Day

One of the most exciting events to happen this year 2014 will be taking place on Sunday November 23rd. The Steller line up of drummers taking part are as follows. Gavin Harrison, Aaron Spears, Steve White and Steve Sidelnyk. For more information on this superb event, please visit ZILDJIAN.COM/ZILDJIANDAY2014 

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Surreal Experience

I had a surreal experience recently as, my 10 piece Soul band were booked to play at a wedding which was taking place at Bournemouth's Royal Bath Hotel. We were told very brief details like there will be a top drummer at the paty. We had done a Soundcheck in the afternoon at 4.00pm. Then we were told to get back to the hotel at 8.30pm ready for a 9.00pm start. I met the keyboard player as we were parking our car's. We walked together towards the hotel when the keyboard player said to me. Joe is that Steve Gadd on the steps of the hotel. I got closer and confirmed yes that is him. I asked Steve what he was doing at the hotel. Steve said his son Giancarlo had just got married. I said to Steve welcome to Bournemouth I hope you enjoy the music as I am the drummer in the band. We had a couple of photo's taken then I made my way into the hotel.

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