The Importance of 'mbv'

Saturated with technology, information, and the never ending influence of the ever connected world it’s easy to ask “how can something pure last?”. It would seem that Kevin Shields, centre of the shoe-gaze collective My Bloody Valentine, holds the answer to this question.

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Steve Jordan

Steve say's that I saw The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show and that was it for me. Ringo sealed the deal. I was interested in playing drums and wanted to one day be a drummer. Steve has recorded and played drums with some of the biggest star's on the planet just to give you an idea. He is constantly in demand and prefers to use a small 4 drum kit.

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Steve (Whitey) White

Steve White known as Whitey to his friends has been one of the best drummers around for a long time. He started at such a young age, after being given a drum from his uncle when Steve was eight years of age. I had the pleasure of meeting Steve back in 1985 when he came up to Liverpool with his two friends Steve Sydelknick and Gary Otoole to join me in playing drums for a 36 hour non stop drum marathon called Drums Over The Mersey.

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Wayne Proctor's Great News

Many Congratulations to The Blues drummer of 2013 Mr Wayne Proctor who is now an officially endorsee for Istanbul Agop Cymbals. I am delighted to hear the Wayne and am happy for you. Wayne say's that this news of his endorsement is great as he has always liked the  sounds that he favourite drummers get from their cymbals they are Matt Chamberlain, Aaron Sterling and Bournemouth's Jeremy Stacey. Other news from Wayne is that he now an official endorsee for Remo drum heads. For more details on Wayne Proctor and his new cymbal and drum head set up please check out his website at

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