Quote from Dave Grohl

Great drummer for Nirvana and Those Crooked Vultures. He is now the front man and guitarist for his band Foo Fighters. Dave made a comment recently about what we do as drummers. This is what the great man said. Drummers are usually the last one's to get any credit. they are there to serve the song and hold everything together. That's what they are there to do. You are there to get people to move. They might not know why they are dancing around, but that is you the drummer. It's not the lyrics, It's your drumming it's the Backbeat that they are moving to. (I couldn't agree with you more Dave)

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Sakae Drums News

The name may not be too familiar but just to let you know that the superb drum company Sakae Drums have been around for many years. I would like to say how delighted I was to hear that my friend Wayne Proctor has recently been added to the long list of great drummers endorsing Sakae Drums. Wayne has won many awards for his drumming over the years and it's interesting to note that Wayne is also a very successfull Producer in his own right. The British drummers who are currently endorsed with Sakae Drums reads like a who's who of great drummers in the music business they are as follows.

Richard Jupp who plays drums for Elbow

Ash Soan who is a great session player for Adele etc

Phil Gould who is a superb clinician as well as a session player

Mark Richardson who plays drums for Skunk Anansai

For more information regarding this superb drum company pleas visit their website at www.sakaedrums.com

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Phil Gould's Drum Clinic

Phil Gould held a drum clinic here in Poole as one of the selected venues in the country. The clinic was held at Absolute Music's headquarters just off Ringwood Road Bournemouth. We were all treated to an amazing drum clinic, Phil was using a Sakae drum kit as he is one of the latest drummers to have been recently endorsed. Along with Ash Soan, Mark Richardson, and Richard Jupp, who have all endorsed the wonderfull Sakae drums.

Phil started his drum clinic by playing three songs that he wrote and played keyboards on. Phil's playing is superb, he has a great technique and often uses his left stick to crash the cymbal. He is such a master of working with a click track that he makes it look so easy. Phil's mastery of the technique and dru rudiments was so good. Mixing the rudiments with his playing all of the time.

Phil opened the clinic up by asking if anyone had any questions of which he answered and went into depth on a few of the answers. He is a great drummer and often spoke about his time playing drums as well as writing with Mark King and the members of Level 42. Phil's clinic is without a shadow of doubt one of the best drum clinics I have seen over the many years I have been playing drums. i had the opportunity to speak to Phil at the end of his clinic which lasted just over 2 hours. i asked Phil when was it that he took drum lessons with the legendary Bob Armstrong and why the drum lessons. Phil said he took the drum lessons when he left Level 42 and he wanted to know how to play the Moeller technique which was named after the great drummer Sanford Moeller. I would like to ask you great drummers out there to check out the great sounding Sakae drums by simply going to the website at sakaedrums.com I would like to say a Special Thank You to Austin Lane the Drum Department Manager at Absolute Music for very kindly inviting me along to such a great drum clinic.

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Modern Drummers

The Modern Drummer magazine which is an American Publication recently ran a survey for the Top 50 Drummers of all time. The top 2 drummers have been passed for many years. The following are the Top 10 Drummers of all time

First Place: Buddy Rich

Second Place: John Henry Bonham

Third Place: Neil Peart

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