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I would urge you all who read muskerbeats to check out the following websites. You will no doubt notice some site's have been updated with the very latest items. Enjoy reading and having a look at the following sites.

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Vinnie  Colaiuta and the Vic Firth team worked together to create a drum stick that lets Vinnie do what he does best. Everything, as one of the most honoured and celebrated drummers of all time. Vinnie Colaiuta's drumming vocabulary is extra ordinary. Pick up a pair of his new signature drum sticks and you'll discover how perfectly balanced and transparent they feel. Like an extension of you, thus enabling your purest musical expression. So whether you play aggressively, or with a light touch, be prepared to transcend. VICFIRTH.COM

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Whenever we go to see a band or artist that is touring we usually like to take home something that will remind us of the night. It may be a programme a Tee shirt or a Sweat shirt. Some friends of mine from Merseyside who are ex musicians set up a company that sell the very best clothing from the Gig's that we like to see. Please check out their website by simply going to  If your like me, and appreciate the best clothing. Not fake's or anything then you will see a Firebrand stall at most Live Music Venues.

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The Wave of Drums/Music 2014

This is an invitation for everyone who very kindly log's onto this site. On Saturday 26th July 2014 I have organised a Drums/Music bash which will run from 12.00 noon until 4.00pm. We will start the drumming off outside my youth centre here in Bournemouth. I am linking up with an old drumming friend Phil from Liverpool but Phil now lives in Down Patrick which is a village 30 Miles from Belfast. The Wave of Drums/Music aims to raise as much money as possible for Cancer charities. This is where you come in. If you could tap out a beat/rhythm on a drumkit or play the Spoons or a musical instrument for anytime from 30 minutes to an hour this would be superb. All you have to do is send me a message at my work email address so I can put you on my map of people taking an active part. My email address that you must send your name and what area you live in to is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Many thanks together let's make some noise for Cancer!!

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