Album Review: Christopher Owens - ‘Lysandre’

From spending the best part of his youth travelling the world with a religious cult to living in Amarillo with a wealthy oil tycoon, it would seem that Christopher Owens has had a rather colourful life. So it’s no surprise that when Owens moved to San Francisco to become a famous artist he instead, after meeting Chet “JR” White and bonding over similar tastes in music, formed the band Girls. Two successful albums into his new found life as a musician and you would have thought that Owens would be getting comfortable with his situation and would be ready to leave a scattered life behind, but unfortunately, the ever changing nature of both the band’s line-up, and the frontman’s life, led to Owens walking away from Girls and searching for stability in life as a solo artist.

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Album Review: Kurt Vile – ‘Wakin on a Pretty Daze’

Two hazy home recorded albums released on indie labels and another 3 into his residency at Matador Records and it’s starting to feel like Kurt Vile knows how to craft an album. With the 2011 release ‘Smoke Ring for My Halo’ Vile refined his sound giving it a crisp, clear, and delicate tone and things seemed like they were coming together for the man with the droning mind.

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