Track Review: Thomas Cohen - 'Honeymoon'

Following the split of his band S.C.U.M earlier this year, it’s surprising that the newly married father of two, Thomas Cohen, has returned to music. However, this reverb soaked return is more than welcome.

Cohen’s dreamy debut track, ‘Honeymoon’, sees the ex-S.C.U.M frontman experimenting with instrumentation and composition, laying down free-jazz saxophone on a bed of synth-y subtleties against the backdrop of a warm and spacious chord progression. The romantic ballad builds to a satisfying solo which shines a light on Cohen’s eclectic influence as heavy distorted guitar lines bleed into a glam-rock finale before falling back into the arms of the ethereal chorus.

This ever-flowing enchanting effort manages to combine many different musical ideas confidently without sounding at all confused. This is most definitely a bold and ambitious first step for Cohen as a solo artists that has left me hypnotized and wanting more.