Gavin Harrison Protean Signature Snare Drums

This superb looking and sounding snare drum is now available from SONOR. This is what Gavin had to say about coming up with the design for this beautiful drum. When I had the chance to design this snare drum together with SONOR I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve because it is based on my experience of the last 30 years playing professionally.

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I chose the shell material, the hybrid bearing edges, the dampening rings, the S-Hoop and the 8-strand snare wires because I know they work in all sorts of different situations. We called the drum Protean because it's versatile and you can change the features very quickly to get the sound that you want musically right. I wanted the look of the drum to be able to fit in with any other drum set. It has a sleek Art Deco look about it with a classic black satin finish. Its the best of vintage meets modern innovation and to play it is my dream come true.