Classic Album Aja by Steely Dan

This album is a must have for all drummers that read this website. I got the album when it was released back in the early 70's, the album has seven songs on it and it has six of the worlds greatest drummers playing. Their names are Steve Gadd who play's on the title track Aja and rumour has it that Steve's take was a first or second take. Donald fagan was said to have been stunned at Steve's sight reading of the music on this track as it was just over four pages long.

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The other drummers and the track's that they play on are as follows Black Cow featuring Paul Humphrey, Deacon Blues featuring Bernard Purdie, Peg featuring  Rick Marotta, Home at Last featuring Bernard Purdie playing The Purdie Shuffle, I Got The New's featuring Ed Greene and finally Josie featuring Jim Keltner. This album is one of my all time favourite albums. If you have not got it or heard it, give it a listen or buy it as you won't be disappointed.