Classic Drum Parts

These are just a few classic drum parts of great songs. I have listed the drum parts and the drummers. There are many many more.

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Honky Tonk Women                                 Charlie Watts

I Can't Explain                                          Keith Moon

Voodoo Chile                                            Mitch Mitchell

We Will Rock You                                     Roger Taylor

When The Levee Breaks                            John Henry Bonham

Rock and Roll                                           John Henry Bonham

Aja                                                          Dr Steve Gadd

White Room                                             Ginger Baker

Layla                                                       Jim Gordon

Time Is Tight                                           Al Jackson Jr

Pick up the pieces                                    Robbie McIntosh

Come Together                                       Ringo Starr

Try and check these great drum parts out. I will add many more shortly. Enjoy!