Ronnie Vannucci

As you all know that great drummer from The Killers Ronnie Vannucci is a superb drummer. The Killers are all from Las Vegas and they got together a few years ago. When the band started out they couldn't find a rehearsal room to practice so as Ronnie's parents were working in the the local hotels they managed to get a reheasal room booked through their work. The Killers have gone from strength to strenth with their CD's and Live gigs.

Ronnie is proud to be associated with Zildjian cymbals. Ronnie is part of a proud tradition of drummers inspired by the Zildjian legacy K sound. Discover all of the legendary dark sounds of the K family. Warm, Expressive K's. Complex, Modern k Customs. And Constantinoples, famous for their perfectly blended tones. Ronnie Vannucci of The Killers plays K Zildjian. Why not check out the cymbals website at