Ronnie Vannucci

As you all know that great drummer from The Killers Ronnie Vannucci is a superb drummer. The Killers are all from Las Vegas and they got together a few years ago. When the band started out they couldn't find a rehearsal room to practice so as Ronnie's parents were working in the the local hotels they managed to get a reheasal room booked through their work. The Killers have gone from strength to strenth with their CD's and Live gigs.

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Ronnie is proud to be associated with Zildjian cymbals. Ronnie is part of a proud tradition of drummers inspired by the Zildjian legacy K sound. Discover all of the legendary dark sounds of the K family. Warm, Expressive K's. Complex, Modern k Customs. And Constantinoples, famous for their perfectly blended tones. Ronnie Vannucci of The Killers plays K Zildjian. Why not check out the cymbals website at