Kurt Cobain and the birth of Nirvana

Kurt Donald Cobain was born on February 20th 1967, in Hoquiam Washington. He grew up in the working class logging town of Aberdeen. Kurt's father Donald was an auto-mechanic. Kurt's mother Wendy was a housewife. Kurt came from a musical family as his uncle played in a band and Kurt's great uncle was an Irish tenor who appeared in the 1930 film called King of Jazz.

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At four years of age Kurt would show an interest with the piano. his parents would then encourage him to learn how to play basic notes. Kurt would then tinkle away on the piano with the encouragement of his family. Kurt would then go onto learn songs by the Beatles and Ramones. By the age of 8yrs of age Kurt's Mum and Dad divorced and Kurt would be shuttled among various members of his family. This would develop a rebellious attitude of which he would express in his music.

At the age of Fourteen Kurt would get his first guitar and he learned how to play rudimentary rock and roll songs. Kurt was bullied at school  for choosing to study both Art and Music instead of Sport like all of the other boys in his year. Kurt decided to drop out of school in his last year and started to hang around with a local band called The Melvins. He would meet up and befriend Krist Novoselic who would go on to become his bass player in a band that they were going to put together. Nirvana were born, they recruited a local drummer called Chad Channing and between them they would rehearse gig and record. In 1987 Nirvana were playing gigs at Evergreen State College in nearby Olympia. they would carry on building a following and eventually in 1989 they would release their first album with Chad Channing playing drums on simply called Bleach this was released on the local independant label called Sub Pop. Chad Channing decided to leave the band as he had always wanted to be a big part of the songwriting as opposed to just playing the drums. This caused friction in the band and Chad left.

With Chad Channing's departure from Nirvana the band would hold auditions for a replacement. Dave Grohl flew in for an audition and made such a great impact with Kurt and Krist that they offered him the drummers position. Dave accepted the offer. Nirvana had a gig to do and had already asked their friend Dan Peters who was drummer for Mudhoney to do the gig. Dave Grohl was more than happy to watch from the wings of the stage. Nirvana went down very well and with Dave Grohl playing drums for the band Nirvana signed a deal with the major label D.G.C. They were booked into the studio to record the album that would change their lives forever the album was called Nevermind and featured some of the best songs Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, Lithium, in Bloom. When Nevermind as released it knocked Michael Jackson's album Off The Wall off the top position and Nivana were Number 1 in the album charts. The band members could afford to buy their own houses of which they did. They had so much money and success that Kurt Cobain couldn't handle it. One of my best memories of Nirvana was when they recorded and played Live the song which was made famous by David Bowie called The Man Who Sold The World. It was probably the only time I have ever seen Dave Grohl play drums using a pair of Hot Rod's. I would like to give a special mention to some of the other Musicians that helped Nirvana on their journey they are in no particular order. Guitarist Jason Everman Drummers Aaron Burkhard, Chad Channing and from The Melvins Dale Grover and Mudhoney's Dan Peters.