The Sound Lab


The Zildjian Sound Lab is creative inspiration and state of the art technology. Where highly skilled craftsmen work closely with the world's top players to produce cutting - edge innovations in cymbal design. The process begins with the secret Zildjian alloy which was formulated over 390 years ago.

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Using processes refined over centuries as well as modern cymbal making techniques. The Sound Lab designs and develops classic and modern cymbal lines that are played by the greatest drummers throughout the world. The Sound Lab's meticulous attention to every detail of cymbal making doesn't end with the shaping. hammering, and lathing of metal. The finest technicians in the world sound test every cymbal in the lab as well as on the road and in the studios with the artists to ensure that the quality and precision of Zildjian's distinctive sound palette. These concentrated R and D efforts have culminated in the development of the company's most sought after cymbal lines throughout the years and continue to fuel the development of each new generation of innovative sounds. For more information on Zildjian please go to their website at