The wave of Drums/Music

The Wave of Drums/Music was a complete success. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank You to everyone of you who got involved. Special thanks to Neal Williams from The Macmillan Caring locally charity. For those of you who didn't know Neal crashed the cymbal bang on 12.00 noon which started the drummers off. Not just here in Bournemouth but also in Weymouth, Brighton, St Helens, Southport and Liverpool. As we were raising money for Cancer charities I told people who were playing to raise money for Cancer charities in their area. I am delighted to say that in Bournemouth I have managed to collect £439.74p with more money coming in. Thanks again everyone. Let's all look forward to next year when we can link up and do it all over again. Thank You Joe Musker at

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