The Ecology of Drumming Products.

dw drums

DW is part of the American Forests Program. For every dw drum kit purchased. They plant a tree back in 2004, for example. a total of 3,062 trees were planted as part of domestic and international reforestation projects. The Exotic Bubinga ad that was published back in 2005 was created specifically to let the public know that this wood was purchased from a managed source.

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Regal Tip drumsticks

We are not only concerned about Regal Tip's wood supply. As we believe in operating an egologically friendly company. We speak regularly to loggers and mill operators. We have been assured that there are plenty of Hickory  trees in the United States and that they are logged so that they can continue to regenerate. It's only trees of a certain diameter that are cut down. When they are felled and removed, the hickory nuts from the fallen trees take root and the natural  cycle of re-growth begins in the clear spot

Vater Drumsticks

Our Hickory sources are very carefully maintained by forestry experts. Hickory is harvested only when the tree is mature, in order to yield the highest amount of material. It is never  harvested by clear cutting a whole forest. In fact, there is no such thing as a Hickory Forest. Since hickory generally grows alongside several other species of tree.

I just wanted you all to know as to where these timbers come from that make up the drum kits. Plus the re-planting of trees that will go on to make the many drum kits of the future. I know that some company's go out in a Helicopter on what they call a tree hunt. When they search an area of forest and and point to that area that they want and clear the trees. which are then shipped and transpoted to their companys. I will continue to find as much information on this subject.