Larry Mullen Jr (U2's Superb Drummer)

Lawrence Joseph Mullen was born in Artane Dublin at 60 Rosemount Road on 31st october 1961. Larry put the junior after his name to distinguish his name from his father alo Larry Mullen. Larry got his first taste of music when his mother enrolled him to take piano lessons, his mum was very good at playing piano and wanted Larry to learn.

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Larry didn't like learning the music theory and playing scales all of the time. His teacher once said Larry will you please stop hitting my piano, when he was walking home with his mum he heard a guy playing a snare drum and said to his mum I would give anything to learn how to play the drum kit. Larry's parents said to him if you would like to learn drumming then you would have to fund the drum course yourself. Larry kept himself busy washing cars and cutting peoples grass so he could pay the £9 per term for the drum lessons. Larry enrolled with Dublin's best drummer who was Mr Joe Bonnie, as Joe played in the local orchestra and was a first call session drummer at that time, Larry looked forward to his drum lesson's. His parents were delighted with his progress and his dad payed for the next two terms. Sadly Joe Bonnie died and Larry stopped going to his lessons which were being run by Joe's daughter. Larry's dad bought Larry jr a drumkit for £17 as he knew how keen he was to learn as much as possible he also said to him what would you like to do now Larry and he answered I would like to put a band together but don't know how to find like minded musicians who would like to form a band. His dad wrote out this message on a white card and Larry put this card on the noticeboard of Mount Temple Comprehensive School which read. Drummer looking for musicians to form a band, if you are interested please call me. Larry Mullen Jr had a few people who were interested but chose Paul Hewson (Bono) and David Evans (The Edge) Adam Clayton would join the band later as another friend of their's knew of a great bass player which was Adam. Rehearsals took place in the kitchen of Larry's house with lot's of local youngsters listening outside. They were called the Larry Mullen Band for a couple of weeks then they changed the nme to The Hype. Then a friend of there's gave them a list of names later on and U2 was on the list and everyone liked the name. I happened to be in a club in Liverpool's Mathew Street which was called Eric's but changed it's name to Brady's. U2 were playing and there must have been no more than 70 people watching the gig, and the band put on an amazing performance. We all knew that one day they would be huge. The rest as they say is history.