Stewart Copeland's 10 favourite drummers

I read interviews about drummers all of the time and it's great to know who the drummers were listening to when they were learning how to play the drum kit. I recently read a great interview with The Police's superb sticks man Stewart Copeland.

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The following 10 drummers are the one's that Stewart used to listen to on a regular basis

Mitch Mitchell                                                   Jimi Hendrix Experience


Buddy Rich                                                      The Buddy Rich Orchestra


Carmine Appice                                                Vanilla Fudge


Ian Paice                                                          Deep Purple


Mick Fleetwood                                                 Fleetwood Mac


Ringo Starr                                                       The Beatles


Charlie Watts                                                    The Rolling Stones


Keith Moon                                                        The Who


John Henry Bonham                                           Led Zeppelin


Ginger Baker                                                     Cream/Eric Clapton


I am sure that you will agree with me in saying that Stewart Copeland has been listening to some of the very best drummers on the Planet.