Jim Gordon

The name Jim Gordon may not mean much to some of you that read this website. You may not have heard of Jim Gordon but you will have heard of the bands and artists that Jim played drums for. Jim was at the top of his game as a top class studio drummer, he was also part of that famed team of session musicians who were called The Wrecking Crew. This was the name given to the studio musicians by Hal Blain.

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When younger bands needed a drummer Hal used to send Jim to the sessions and he would be in and out within a couple of hours. Jim had that magic touch, sometimes producers would get Jim to play drums over a recorded piece of work. Jim had a great reputation and he played on many many Hit's.

Jim's career started off by him being hired by The Everly Brothers. They came over to Britain and played a tour which brought alot of attention to the band and himself people loved the way he played and they loved the sound he got from his drums, one of Jim's biggest fans was a young drummer by the name of Jeff Porcaro Jeff would often sit on the studio floor and listen to Jim when he was recording. Another big fan of Jim's was another studio master in the waiting and his name is Jim Keltner. Jim Gordon had it all and when Eric Clapton was forming Derek and the Dominoes he asked Jim to join. As well as being a superb drummer Jim was also a trained classical pianist. Jim was working on a piano part when Eric Clapton decided to take the band for dinner. Jim stayed in the studio as he wanted to finish off the piano part he was writing. When Eric and the band came back into the studio Eric said how are you getting on with the part Jim. Jim then played it to the band, Eric Clapton said to Jim I would like to use this piano part for my new single which was called Layla. The song was a huge hit all over the world and its credited to being written by Clapton/Gordon.

Jim can also be heard playing on George Harrison's classic album All Things Must Pass, as well as albums by David Gates and Bread, Mama's and the Papa's as well as literally hundreds of albums and singles. Things started to go wrong with Jim due to the use of alcohol and drugs. He would often walk out of recording sessions in the middle of a Take. Word got back to Hal Blaine and it was decided that Jim would take a rest from his busy schedule. But early 1980's Jim did something completly out of character and has been locked up in a Sanatarium in California. It has been 30 years now since he was locked up and he may get parole in 2018. Jim Gordon was a studio master. For more information and a list of the records he played on just simply google Jim Gordon and be amazed.