Keith Moon

In 1964 Keith Moon joined The Who. Like everything in his short life, Keith's arrival in The Who was explosive to say the least. It was April 1964 and growing frustrated at drumming along to Cliff Richard tracks in a covers band, the 17 year old set out to hijack a local Mod band that was having trouble hanging on to its drummers. They were playing at a pub near me Keith said it was called the Oldfield.

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Keith recalled remembering that he went into the pub and noticed The Who were using a session drummer who was just sitting in with the band. So I got onstage and said to the band I can play better than him. I then got behind the other guys drums and played one song called Roadrunner. I had several drinks to get my courage up , and when I got onstage I went arrrrrggGHHHHHH on the drums, I broke the bass drum pedal and two drum skins and then got off the kit. I thought I had blown my chance, when I was approached by PeteTownshend who said- come here so I went over to him and Roger came over and they said what are you doing next Monday? I was working selling Plaster, they said we are doing a gig if you are interested we will pick you up in the van. Nobody ever said your in. The rest as they say is history.