Jeff Porcaro (The beat to Rosanna)

Toto are one of the very best bands around and alot of the musicians in the band are top studio session musicians. They are hired individually to play on records and they have played on thousands of them.

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The song Rosanna was a huge hit for the band worldwide, the drumming on this track was played by Jeff Porcaro. Jeff was talking to a room full of drumming students at a College in America, a student asked him if he would play the beat to Rosanna and how he came up with the amazing drum pattern for the song.

Jeff played the beat and then said that, at that time he was listening to alot of music but after listening to Bernard Purdie's tracks Home at last and Babylon Sisters from the Steely Dan albums and John Bonhams song by Led Zeppelin Fool In The Rain. Jeff said I stole this idea of the Hi-Hat and Snare drum work from both of them guy's. I then added the Bo Diddley bass drum pattern. I was messing about with both patterns and put them together which is what you hear on the record. The beat was known as the Porcaro Shuffle. ( Check out this amazing beat on Youtube just simply type in Jeff Porcaro Rosanna beat).