Number 1 songs that Hal Blaine played drums on

Hal Blaine as you all know was one of the very best studio session drummers ever. Hal had played on literally thousands of songs, I have picked ten number 1 songles that Hal played drums on here they are.

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I get around by                                         The Beach Boys

I got you Babe                                          Sonny and Cher

Mr Tamborine Man                                     The Byrds

Good Vibrations                                          The Beach Boys

Monday Monday                                         The Mamas and the Papas

Strangers in the Night                                 Frank Sinatra

These boots are made for walking                Nancy Sinatra

Mrs Robinson                                             Simon and Garfunkel

Close to you                                              The Carpenters

Cracklin Rosie                                            Neil Diamond

These are just ten of the number 1 singles that Hal Blaine played drums on. Hal recieved 363 different disks in his lifetime of playing many were Gold some were Silver. Hal joked that if he started to clean a disk a day from January 1st he could have Xmas day and Boxing day off. Hope this gives you an idea of how good this man was as a studio session drummer.