Yard Gavrilovic (Drum Tech Supreme)

Yard Gavrilovic

Is a qualified Carpenter and Joiner, after many years as a drummer trying to make it with bands that he played for Yard decided to offer his services to musicians and bands. Yard's company specialises in supplying the very best Music Technicians he has five sons who are all musicians and one of his son's is a touring guitarist for for the great band that is Placebo.

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With Yards experience as a Carpenter and Joiner he is probably more qualified for the role of Drum Technician. Yard has been Steve Gadd's drum tech for many years now, and Yard looks after Steve's kit whenever they are touring or recording. Yard has one of Steve Gadd's kits at his workshop which is called the Vintage DrumYard in Clacton-On-Sea Essex. Where Yard and his sons restore, supply and customise drum equipment Please have a look at his website which is one of the best I have seen as it has so much information about being on the road, touring with different bands ettc. www.vintagedrumyard.co.uk  Just to give you an idea of the drummers that Yard and his son's have worked with, they are without a shadow of doubt some of the very best drummers in the business.  Steve Ferrone, Gary Wallis, Mark Brezezecki, Omar Hakim, Jim Keltner, Charlie Watts, Steve Barney, Ian Thomas, Abe Laboriel Jr, Steve Jordan, Kenny Jones, Simon Kirke, Andy Newmark, Zak Starkey, Jim Capaldi, Ray Cooper, Mathew Priest and Paul Beavis. Yards experience as a trusted drum tech, it will be his decision as to what cymbals will be used for each gig, as all of the theatre's and concert halls are different.

When Zak Starkey was offered the drummers job with the Who, he called Yard up and asked him to be his trusted drum tech. This relationship as drum tech has been going on for many years and now one of Yards son's looks after Zak now as Yard is busy on the road with Steve Gadd. Steve is in constant demand as a drummer and currently plays with Eric Clapton, Paul Simon and James Taylor as well as doing sessions. Yard is never far from his side and when Steve is playing a gig Yard will be watching his every move just by the drum riser. Making sure that should a cymbal stand or a drum move Yard is on hand to put them back. At the end of each performance Yard will strip the drum kit, and put everything into its the cases making sure that everything is ready for the next performance. If anything needs doing to the drums, cymbals, stands etc Yard will get it done as he carries a toolkit with him complete with an electric cordless drill, glue's, file, drum key's, white spirit etc. It can be a hard life travelling the world so it helps if you have a good sense of humour. Yard says that him and Steve Gadd are always telling jokes and having a good laugh.