The Kaiser Chiefs

The Kaiser Chiefs as you all know are such a great band. I was surprised to hear that their drummer and main songwriter of the band Nick has decided to leave the band. The touring drummer Vijay Mistry who has been helping the band has just joined on a permanent basis.

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Vijay has been gigging with the band and they are at present writing new material which they will be using for a new album. Vijay says that with the Kaiser Chiefs original drummer Nick, he used to use fast drum fills and rolls around the kit, I am just getting used to doing this on the songs that the band have been playing since they started. I have just been told that I can put my own stamp on the drum parts but to keep them as near to the original beats. I have been very lucky as for the tour I used a DW drumkit and I was delighted with the drumkit. Now my DW endorsement has been arranged and I am looking forward to the future.