Time Keeping with Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd is a superb drummer and he is a living legend. There are a few drummers in each generation who actually change the course of drumming or create a much imitated style and in the 70's Steve Gadd did that and more.

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Steve has been in constant demand as a studio drummer and over the years he has come up with some truly amazing rhythms on songs like Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover by Paul Simon, Chuck E's In Love by Rickie Lee Jones, Aja by Steely Dan and Friends by Chick Corea. Steve's impeccable time and feel have kept him in demand for well over 40 years he records on a regular basis and tours the world with Eric Clapton, James Taylor and Paul Simon to name just a few people that call on Steve to provide the rhythms to keep their music together.

Steve has been in demand since the early 70's and its rumoured that when Steely Dan were recording their superb album called Aja. Donald Fagan was said to have been stunned at Steve's sight reading and drumming on the albums title track Aja. Steve sight read the part of which as many pages long he also put his own parts in while following Wayne Shorters Sax lines. Steve's drumming on Aja is arguably one of the greatest drum performances of all time and is rumoured to have been a first or second take. Everyone wanted to sound like Steve Gadd and the sales for Yamaha drums hit the roof as well as Steve's playing people wanted Steve's sound. This is what Steve had to say about time keeping. I started out doing studio stuff in the 70's and when you get a chance to really hear things back you really start to learn about what works and whats needed in different situations. I didn't think about time keeping until I was recording in the studios but its helpful to play along with a metronome.

Although Steve is known as an impeccable timekeeper his main concern is making the music feel good. Even if that means a change of tempo. Steve goes on to say that he thinks of his timekeeping when playing. working with a click track helps, I use a metronome to give me the tempo for a song as soon as I have the tempo I switch it off. Its not about playing with a machine, its about playing with musicians. Music is an art form and you can feel it when your playing with musicians with a strong groove. Steve Gadd was one of the first drummers to put out a drum video called "Up Close" it went on to sell many many copies this was early 80's. Steve Gadd is without a shadow of doubt one of my all time favourite drummers.  For more information, photo's and anything you would like to know about Steve. Then please go to his website at www.stevegadd.co.uk