Time Keeping with Bernard Purdie

Bernard Purdie (Studio Legend, Steely Dan, Aretha Franklin)

Runour has it that when Aretha Franklin was putting together her band to go out on the road to tour. If Bernard Purdie was otherwise engaged working with another band Aretha would wait until he was available. Bernard Purdie has played on thousands of recordings, its interesting to note how he looks at probably the most important role for us drummers Timekeeping.

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Bernard says that his sense of time came from his drum teacher Mr Leonard Hayward, he explained to me that my inner clock is what generates my time and my sensitivity to time. In order to focus on the inner clock while also being sensitive to the time, you must first of all know where the 1 is. No matter what you play. Its also very important to be able to use and play with a metronome. Play with it and have fun enjoy it as the most important part of your job as a drummer is being able to keep time.