Practically all drummers agree that time and feel are a drummers primary concern. For my next few posts on here I am going to share great information regarding timekeeping and the use of using a metronome.

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Some drummers like to use the metronome as Travis Barker said, get hold of a metronome and take it every where with you. Make it your best friend and use it as much as you can. You will then learn about time keeping, how to play on the beat as well as behind the beat. I would first of all like to share with you all some information I came across many years ago regarding the superb drummer Clyde Stubblefield (James Brown, Funk drumming legend). Clyde says I learned how to keep time as a kid by focusing on my walking. I really listened to all of the sounds around me and I always heard rhythm in them. Whatever the leg and foot patterns of my walking may be, thats the time I focus on. Those are the timekeepers.

I lived in Chattanooga, Tennesse as a child, and there was a big factory there where they made cardboard boxes. The factory had a big smoke stack. Every morning it would start puffing smoke out and you could hear it all over the city. So from early in the morning untill about 4.00pm you heard this smoke stack going Puff-puff-Puff-puff-Puff-puff all around you. I can also remember the sound of the old washing machine at home going slish-shlosh-slish-shlosh all of the time. And also hearing the tick-tock-tick-tock of the big clock in the hall. i would fall asleep to the sound of that clock, I feel that listening to all of these things helped me develop my time as a drummer. The very first time I went into a recording studio and they said that they were going to use a click track, I asked what's a click track? They turned it on and asked me to play along with it. I said No no no no! Don't do that! It's too perfect I have never played drums to a click track. I cannot stand click tracks. My time is solid and where i start it is where it ends up. We are human beings, and sometimes we move a little up or down, but the flow is always there so I say to people that I don't like the click track. That click track will tell on you (laughs). You will no doubt agree with me that this is an interesting subject Timekeeping.