Surreal Experience

I had a surreal experience recently as, my 10 piece Soul band were booked to play at a wedding which was taking place at Bournemouth's Royal Bath Hotel. We were told very brief details like there will be a top drummer at the paty. We had done a Soundcheck in the afternoon at 4.00pm. Then we were told to get back to the hotel at 8.30pm ready for a 9.00pm start. I met the keyboard player as we were parking our car's. We walked together towards the hotel when the keyboard player said to me. Joe is that Steve Gadd on the steps of the hotel. I got closer and confirmed yes that is him. I asked Steve what he was doing at the hotel. Steve said his son Giancarlo had just got married. I said to Steve welcome to Bournemouth I hope you enjoy the music as I am the drummer in the band. We had a couple of photo's taken then I made my way into the hotel.

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Dr Steve Gadd as he is now known is still at the top of his game as a top studio drummer. He is currently on a World tour with James Taylor. Steve also works with Eric Clapton and Paul Simon. He has recorded many albums with Chick Corea, Steely Dan, Frank Sinatra Paul McCartney, Kate Bush, James Taylor, Paul Simon as well as hundred's more artists. We all had a great night playing for the Gadd family and we all had photo's taken with Dr Steve Gadd. It was an amazing night and the Gadd family were all up dancing throughout the night. It was such a surreal experience.