Otherwise known as Whitey to his friends. I met Steve when he very kindly came up to Liverpool along with two of his friends Steve Sydelknick and Gary Otoole. I had co organised the Drum Marathon called Drums Over The Mersey this was in 85. It was a 36 hour non stop Drums/Music Marathon and it started in the middle of the river Mersey on Saturday 26th of January and finished at 10.00pm on Sunday 27th January. It was a complete success and i am glad to say I have kept in touch with Steve and the Lad's since. I would like to draw your attention to Steve White's amazing display of drumming on the very latest Zildjian Cymbals Video. The Zildjian family have a brand new line of cymbals available to buy. Please read on!

K Keroupe are just one of the latest cymbals that are available from the Zildjian line. Zildjian introduces a timeless addition to its K family. A sound that originated with Kerope Zildjian over a century ago. Hand crafted artisansin small batches, Kerope cymbals look as they sound. Rich, Dark and Complex. Reminicent of cymbalsfrom the 50's and 60's, yet distinctly modern and relevant for today's music. Experience the authentic K sound.

Steve White plays Kerope cymbals. See Steve play the new Kerope models by simply going to ZILDJIAN.COM/KEROPE

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